3 Things To Do In Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second biggest city is one of the most diverse cities in the
country. Most first time visitors are usually surprised at the vibrancy of the city, perhaps
due to the highly publicized decline of nearby Detroit. The following are some of the
best things to do in Grand Rapids.
Visit the museums
In Grand Rapids, a particularly art-friendly city, you can take your pick of museums to
visit. The city is home to many museums, each featuring a different theme. In fact, if
perhaps on a day trip, you choose to check out all the museums there’ll be no time left
to do much else. The Grand Rapids public museum with its three floors of historical,
scientific, and cultural exhibits, offers a mix of education and entertainment while the Art
museum is dedicated exclusively to art. There’s also the Gerald R. Ford museum, which
might appeal to those who like a bit of political history, and a children’s museum
targeted at kids between two and twelve years old. There’s something for everyone to
enjoy at Grand Rapids’ museums as some of them host music concerts, house a
theater, café, or yoga studio, and invites interested adults to experiment with art.
Explore Nature
Grand Rapids is a nature loving city, as evidenced by the environmental design of some
of its famous buildings. There are quite a few options in Grand Rapids for those seeking
to explore nature. The over 140-acre Blandford Nature Center is a popular choice,
possibly due to its many attractions. The Center offers a variety of educational programs
on environmental issues, provides scenic hiking trails, and organizes seasonal camps
for kids. Another option is the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park which
beautifully combines nature and art. In addition to natural attractions like a waterfall,
forest trails, and rock garden, sculptures by some of the most famous artists in history
are displayed all over the garden. Also containing the biggest conservatory in the state,
this park is a must-see for anyone who loves art and nature.
Experience the nightlife
As Grand Rapids is teeming with restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs, there’s no
shortage of options when it comes to nighttime entertainment. The nightlife in Grand
Rapids is a mix of old and new, upscale and down-to-earth, with many of the
establishments offering unique flavors in beer. There’s also a vibrant club scene, the
three-storey Big Old Building alone houses a live music venue, comedy club,
restaurants, and more. If clubbing is not your thing, there’s a number of rooftop bars

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Whether you’re looking for an activity filled time or a relaxing getaway, Grand Rapids is
one of the best cities to visit in America. From music to art to scenic views, the city has
it all. It hardly matters whether you stay for a weekend or a month, Grand Rapids has
more than enough attractions to keep any visitor occupied.

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