Best Pizza in Grand Rapids Mi.

So, Who Does have the #1 Most Delicious Best Pizza in the Grand Rapids Michigan area?

With more than 150 pizza places in our coverage area, it’s incredibly difficult to try them all and rate them in order. First we have to agree on some basic rules.

The crust has to be fresh made with their own recipe. Sauce has to be home made recipe also. Toppings have to be fresh (NOT CANNED MUSHROOMS!). And of course it has to be cooked to perfection. If your pizzas are coming out undercooked, STOP IT!! (check your pizza right now).

wood fired pizza oven
Best Pizza in Grand Rapids Michigan area

One of the best, and agreed upon by many is Brick Road Pizza in eastown. The crust is fantastic and does NOT give you the pizza gut bomb after you eat it. It’s light and slightly crispy. Their sauce is excellent so feel free to order a side of it with your pizza.

Georgio’s pizza downtown is another excellent choice. All you have to do is walk in and smell. They do have a large selection of different pies to choose from. We definitely have to try more of what they have to offer.

Vitale’s gets alot of votes. They’ve been around forever and for good reason. If you ever have a party and want to order out. Feel free to grab a bunch of pies from there, you won’t be disappointed.

Peppino’s is another place that is very popular for their tomato pies. They’ve always been cooked perfectly and full of toppings. Another place where you can just walk in and you’ll know right away what we’re talking about.

Another place that we’re looking forward to is the Mitten Brewing company. After speaking with the owners there, I believe they are going to have some great pizza available when they open.

You’ll find the full list of places on in the pizza category under restaurants.

There are so many other ‘mom & pop’ places that we’re probably missing out on. Feel free to comment below with recommendations.

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