Best Burger in greater Grand Rapids Mi?

Who Makes the Best Hamburger in Grand Rapids Michigan?

This debate has been ongoing for years and will continue as new places continue to pop up and offer up new burgers for the title. We’ll list a few ideas but really it would take a serious GRburger challenge to find a winner and all contestants would probably be separated by HALF a point.


Stella's Burger Grand Rapids
Best Hamburger in grand rapids mi area

So lets cover what exactly are the specs for the BEST Burger? Starting with Fresh, never frozen, beef(bison, ostrich, elk, whatever). Fresh ground if possible but if not, at least quality meat that has been lightly packed into a patty. It has to be seasoned and at least 1/3 pound to even be considered. Grilled/seared and cooked to the perfect temperature are mandatory. Then fresh toppings have to be used and creativity can be a plus. Lastly, do not SKIMP on the bun..this can ruin a great burger.


So here are just a few places around town that serve up great hamburgers.

Choo Choo Grill

Stella’s Lounge

Cottage Bar

Blue Water Grill


Feel Free to Comment below and add any place you’ve visited that has an excellent burger!





Jason Trepins

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