Best Breweries in the Grand Rapids Mi area.

Best Brewery in Grand Rapids Michigan


Where are the best breweries in the Grand Rapids, Mi
area? Now that GR has turned into the micro brewery capital of the world is
seems, everybody now asks where are the best ones in the area.

mitten brewing
Best Breweries in greater Grand Rapids Mi

Mitten Brewing Photo

With the opening of Osgood in Grandville (hopefully sometime
before this summer), that will be 14 micro breweries in our coverage area!That really is amazing thinking back on the
history of Grand Rapids.These brew pubs
aren’t just doing decent, they are flourishing and many are spending money on
expansion to keep up with demand. Not only do you get great drinks but excellent
home-made dishes and live entertainment.
We’d recommend doing a brewery tour and checking them all out especially
if you are a beer enthusiast.

It’s really the massive success of each brewery that keeps
flow of new ones opening.There is still
plenty of space in and around Grand rapids for quite a few more.It’s very apparent that people in West Michigan
love their brew and hopefully each new brew pub will continue to offer
different unique flavors. You can see
the excitement every single time a new location is announced and typically opening
day means turning people away at the door.

The Grand Rapids Brewing company is Michigan’s First organic
micro brewery.This is ground breaking
but also challenging due to the selection of organic hops available.We really think that this is going to catch
on and draw more organic brew masters AND local farmer producing organic
supplies for these pubs.Both will be
great for West Michigan and continue to boost the growth and activity in the

Some highly recommended places to visit in our coverage area
are Hopcat, Mitten Brewing Co., Brewery Vivant and Harmony.You will be very happy with the offering from
these pubs and they really aren’t that far from each other.


Hopcat Brewery
Best Brewery downtown grand rapids

Hopcat photo

We salute you Professors of the Pint!

If you are planning on opening a micro brew pub, which is
probably everybody reading this 🙂 , contact us and let us know.



Look for coverage of new pubs coming that feature micro
beers on
them all out, try all the different beers and food offerings and post up your
thoughts below!

Thanks for visiting us and be sure to check out the list of



Jason Trepins

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